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About NeoVita

NeoVita is a vitamin company focusing in on the wellness and beauty sector. Our aim is to put a fun twist on taking daily vitamins by turning them into the form of tasty, chew-able gummies. With our team of pharmacists and nutritionists, we’ve formulated the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals and botanicals in the yummiest form.

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Our vision is to motivate everyone to lead a healthier lifestyle by removing the mundane task of taking tablets and capsules. We provide a convenient and effective way of taking the vitamins and minerals that their body needs with a fun twist.

Our People

We are a small team of passionate young professionals who believe in working hard, but having fun while doing so. We have created an environment for creativity to flow freely and build upon our professional set of skills. We have a team player mentality and positive attitude towards opportunities in the wellness and beauty sector.